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Samsung Galaxy S3 Repair
Same day Repairs. 90 days Warranty.

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Cracked Screen

Shattered smart phone screens are the most common repairs that we service. Samsung screen repairs typically take 1 – 2 hours to complete the same day that you drop it off.

Battery Replacement

Is your smart phone dying faster then it should? A battery replacement may be all you need. Smart phone battery replacements generally take about 45 minutes to complete, and are always done with brand new batteries.

Failed Buttons

We can repair any buttons on your smart phone that are damaged such as your power button, volume button, and home button.

Charging Issues

If your smart phone does not charge properly we may have to replace your charging port. Charging ports are known to short out randomly, especially if introduced to moisture. Charging port repairs generally take around 45 minutes to complete after the device is dropped off.

Speaker Issues

If your ear speaker or loud speaker does not sound right we can replace them – no problem. Speaker replacements generally take around 45 minutes after drop off.

Camera Issues

If your front or back camera has any dust in it, or completely stops working we can replace it. Camera repairs can take up to an hour to repair.

Liquid Damage

If you dropped your smart phone in liquid you must take it to us immediately, the longer liquid sits in your phone (especially salt water) the higher the chance is that your phone will corrode to failure. If water damage is caught early we can properly clean the device and remove all of the moisture to prevent future damage to the motherboard. Usually the battery, and or charging port has to be replaced when your phone has incurred water damage.

Professional Glass Only Repair

Glass only repair on Samsung Galaxy smartphones is one of our specialty repairs. Samsung’s AMOLED displays that come on their flagship devices such as the S5, S6, and S7 are very expensive when compared to, say, Apple’s LCD displays. This is because AMOLED displays are a newer technology and have less screens on the market, which means they have a higher value. Samsung’s expensive screens pushed us to find a less expensive but high quality repair solution, and out came our “Glass Only” repair. If you crack your Samsung screen, and it is only the glass that is damaged, then we can strip the glass off and replace it with a new glass lens right in our store — we do not ship them out. The repair process takes about 2 hours to complete. We first strip the screen from the device and frame so it is alone. We then put the screen on a heated suction machine, which heats screen and holds the screen in place. We then use a thin wire to separate the glass from the AMOLED display and then we clean the glue off the bare AMOLED display. After that we place a UV type glue on the AMOLED display and fit a new glass lens on top. We cure the glue in an intense UV light, clean the new screen off, and finally put the newly refurbished screen into your device. A lot of repair shops do not do this and change the entire display which deems a higher price for the customers. Other repair shops that do this method do not use a machine and do not remove the screen from the device. They remove the glass with the screen still on the phone, then glue a new glass lens while the screen is still connected to the phone. This is NOT the right way to do it, UV glue will seep in the phone and cause heating issues, and its just poor workmanship. We would never stoop to that level.

Same Day Repairs

Samsung repairs are done the same day that you drop it off. We stock almost every Samsung part there is, and wait time is usually always under an hour, depending on how busy we are. If you make an appointment we can put your repair under priority and wait times are approximately as follows, screen repair 30 minutes, battery replacement 15 minutes, charging port repair 30 minutes.

90 Day Warranty

We offer a 90 day warranty on all of our iPhone repairs. This warranty covers defective parts and our workmanship — this guarantees our repairs. Less than 1% of the parts we receive turn out to have a slight defect, and an even smaller amount of defective parts end up in our customers hands. It is nearly impossible to get around this problem because electronics are volatile by nature.  With that being said, in the rare case that one of our customers receives a defective part we are prepared to repair the device for free under our warranty policy.