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Should You Fix That Broken Phone or Gadget or Just Buy a New One?

Should You Fix That Broken Phone or Gadget or Just Buy a New One?

When does it pay to repair your smartphone or tablet versus just buying something brand new?

Apple's new iPhone is getting bigger and better. Samsung's latest flagship phone sports sleek and sexy curves. But just because there are a bunch of new gadgets coming out loaded with all the latest and greatest tech's appeal, it doesn't mean it's smart to get a new device right this second. Even if your current handset is a few years old, has a scratch or two, or boasts the battery life of a sloth, you might be wasting some serious cash by replacing — versus repairing — your smartphone right now.

You're due for an upgrade - Make sure to do your calculation now days there is no upgrade you have to pay the over 24 months, If it's cheaper to replace it than to repair it, there's really no good reason to hang on to your old phone no matter how faithful it's been to you but you will be surprised to see what it actually costs you to get that new upgrade.

Whatever the case, always weigh out the costs from beginning to end to be sure you're not being sucked dry by smaller charges along the way. A new phone might sound like the cheaper route at first, until you factor in the activation charge, potential changes in your carrier's service plan, and the cost of committing to your current carrier for up to two more years, if necessary.

Is it trully an upgrade You just want the next big thing for no good reason - If your phone or tablet is perfectly functional, and maybe even aesthetically perfect, but you're tempted to upgrade simply because there's something new, do your best to resist the urge. This is especially true if example iPhone 6/6s to iPhone 7, its not an upgrade  (you lose your headphone jack for same phone with a new name) or money is tight and your phone is less than three years old. Try picking up a snazzy new case instead, to give your gadget a new look with a much smaller price tag.

The screen is cracked - One in 10 people are walking around with cracked smartphones right now. If you like your phone but can't deal with a broken screen check us out and see how much it will cost to get your gadget back in tip-top shape. Replacing screens should cost around less than $100. Chances are that's going to be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a whole new phone, and you can use the money you saved on something you really need… like a case that will your phone from getting cracked again!

Not holding Charge, need new battery - If you like your phone is not holding the charge a simple battery replacement is all you need and is usually less than around $55.

You ran out of storage - If you're out of room on your phone to store music, apps, and videos, try picking up a larger storage card if there's a slot for one on your device. Or just download Google Photos it will automatically backup your pictures and storage will be on the cloud, so you can free up the space on your phone.  Move the stuff you don't use very often onto your computer for safekeeping. This will give you more room while saving you the big bucks you'd need to spend on an entirely new device.

When you should upgrade or get that new Gadget:

Dust flies when it rings - Is your phone old? I don't mean a few years old, I mean "Oh my gosh, I can't play Angry Birds without it freezing and restarting" old. Or, God forbid, do you have to flip your phone open in order to use it? Yeah, you need and upgrade. Things have changed a lot in the past five years or so, and if your phone is older than a first grader, you deserve a new device, so treat yourself!

You literally can't use it - Is your phone so broken that you can't even really use it as a phone? That includes things like a completely busted display — and not just the glass, but the entire screen — or extensive water damage, shattered camera lense, or broken internals that keep it from functioning in even the most basic way. If so, there may be no way to save it. Checking the repair sites mentioned above is always a good idea, but if it's going to cost almost as much to repair it as it would to simply replace it, go ahead and upgrade, simply because you'll likely get a new warranty against further damage.